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I believe that driver's time is valuable and that at most times less is more when it comes to writing for experienced drivers.

September 14 Office in the home. If you have an office in your home (or a desk) that qualifies as a principal place of business, you can deduct your daily transportation costs between your home and another work location in the same trade or business. (See Publication 587, Business Use of Your Home, for information on determining if your home office qualifies as a principal place of business.)
Your home office will qualify as your principal place of business if you meet the following requirements:
1)You use it exclusively and regularly for administrative or management activities of your trade or business.
2)You have no other fixed location where you conduct substantial administrative or management activities of your trade or business.

September 8 Uber Drivers Dealt Blow in Latest Ruling. The ruling apparently requires virtually all of them to take their individual claims to private arbitrators rather than joining in a class-action lawsuit. http://www.governing.com/topics/mgmt/tns-uber-california-massachusetts-ruling.html

September 7 Uber says if you ignore a request at the airport you will get sent to the bottom of the list. I ignored a pool ride and got pinged 2 minutes later with a different pool ride. I ignored the second ping and immediately got pinged again. Ignoring the third ping (from the same passenger as the 2nd ping?) did get me sent to the bottom of the queue and another 20 minute wait.

March 18 The Rideshare Guy says you can deduct from your taxes "Driving around looking for passengers/fares/deliveries via an app ping." The wording on this is fuzzy. It should read "Driving to passengers/fares/deliveries via an app ping." Unless you are a taxi (and possibly limo in some states) driver you should never drive around looking for passengers/fares/deliveries. For UberX & Lyft drivers, it is a questionable deduction to "drive around looking" and it should raise a red flag for the IRS because the app looks for the ride for you and you can not legally pick up street hails.

To simplify the driving deduction, if you have a home office (it can be just a desk dedicated to your business - no computer games or Netflix usage, but how can the IRS prove that) You can deduct all miles from the time you leave home until you get back to home including restroom breaks, except for personal errands (shopping, lunch, ...).

March 12, 2016 - How to navigate better when Uber & Lyft send geocodes to Waze & Google Maps. Click to show step by step directions. If routed to an alley or side street, press the Waze microphone button and say the street address. If still sent to the alley or side street, press the report button (Waze only) then the Map Error button and in a couple of days Waze editors will fix that one block (Chicago has 200,000 blocks - I counted them). If all 10,000 Chicago Uber drivers would report just block per day, all blocks would be fixed by the end of the month. Note: do not report if you used Uber's geocode, just the addresses that you entered via voice or typing.

February 12, 2016 - Number one suggestion for new drivers - do not buy or lease a new vehicle. A $10,000 used Prius or a even cheaper non-hybrid is all you need.

December 18, 2015 - How to handle the winter slump? More like the winter rush. File this under every market is different. ridesharedashboard.com

December 17, 2015 - So Seattle wants to fine Uber $10,000 per day if it does not hand over its list of Seattle based drivers to union bosses. That by my calculations is less than $5 per day per driver, $1 by one estimate. Will they just pay the fine? Seattle Law Text