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Uber New Driver Bonus

In order to incentivize drivers to join Uber, the company has offered a sign-up bonus for referrals for new drivers. With these bonuses, a driver that refers another driver makes both parties eligible for a sign-up bonus. So the question is, how much is that bonus and how do you take advantage?

What is the Average Uber Driver Guarantee?

The sign-up bonus offered by Uber allows you to confidently apply to become an Uber knowing that you will be guaranteed a certain amount of money, regardless of the amount of rides you’re able to successfully get and complete. For example, Uber could be offering $200 in guaranteed earnings in your city. This means that if you don’t make $200 within your first 30 trips (which must be completed within 90 days), Uber will pay you the difference.

Click here to see the average fare per city and average annual income per city.

How Much is the Average Uber Driver Guarantee?

This guarantee varies by city, but within a city, the referral bonuses should all be equal. For example, in Omaha, the Uber driver guarantee is $630 for your first 100 trips completed within 90 days. The best way to find out about the Uber Driver Guarantee in your city is to ask a local Uber Driver for their sign-up bonus link and create your own account.

To take advantage of the referral bonus, make sure you wait to sign up for an account until you’ve found the code link. Once you’ve found a link, sign up for an Uber driver account. You should see the offer on the screen to the left of the fields where you input your contact details. Alternatively, you can enter the code in the “(optional) Invite Code” field under your contact information in the first step of the application process.

Uber Referral Code

If you’re looking for a referral code (ours is michaelq3017ue if you would like to use it), try ours by clicking the button in the box below! No need to search for another driver to get the code, we’ve got you covered.

*It’s worth noting that the Uber Guarantee sign-up bonus varies by city, and is subject to Uber’s official referral terms

Up to $1,000 guaranteed earnings for new drivers!

Bonus varies by city and are subject to Uber’s official referral terms.

Uber Sign Up Bonus By City

Uber Sign Up Bonus By City

(Bonus amounts vary and change frequently)


  • Albany: Up To $1000
  • Albuquerque: Up To $1300
  • Allentown: Up To $1200
  • Amarillo: Up To $1000
  • Ann Arbor: Up To $1000
  • Atlanta: Up To $1400
  • Asheville: Up To $1000
  • Augusta: Up To $1000
  • Austin: Up To $1300



  • Bakersfield: Up To $1000
  • Baltimore: $440 – $640
  • Big Island: Earnings $500
  • Birmingham: $560
  • Boston: Up To $2100
  • Boulder: Up To $1000
  • Bozeman: $560
  • Buffalo: $1025



  • Central Oregon: Up To $1200
  • Charlotte: Up To $1200
  • Chicago: Up To $2300
  • Cincinnati: Up To $1200



  • Dallas: $560
  • Dayton: $500
  • Detroit: Up To $1000
  • Durham: Up To $600



  • Eastern North Carolina: $545
  • Eastern Shore: $250
  • Erie: Up To $750



  • Honolulu: Up To $1000
  • Harrisburg: Up To $500
  • Houston: Up To $1000



  • Indianapolis: Up To $1000
  • Inland Empire: $500



  • Jacksonville: Up To $800



  • Las Vegas: Up To $2300
  • Los Angeles: Up To $2300



  • Miami: Up To $1000
  • Milwaukee: $500
  • Modesto: $500



  • Nashville: Up To $1000
  • Newark: Up to $2000
  • New Hampshire: $250
  • New York City Suburbs (Westchester): Up To $1025
  • New Jersey: $300 – $600
  • NW Indiana: $250 – $560



  • Orange County, CA: $550 – $1300
  • Orlando: Up To $1200



  • Palm Springs: Up To $1000
  • Philadelphia: Up To $2000
  • Phoenix: Up To $1000
  • Pittsburgh: Up To $1000



  • Reading, PA: Up To $1000
  • Richmond: Up To $1000



  • Sacramento: Up To $1000
  • Salt Lake City: Up To $1000
  • San Antonio: Up To $1025
  • San Diego: Up To $1000
  • San Francisco: Up To $2300
  • Seattle: $580 – $1300
  • Springfield: $250 – $500
  • St. Louis  $500 – $1000



  • Tampa Bay: $260
  • Toledo: $260



  • Washington D.C.: Up To $2800
  • Eastern West Virginia: $500
  • Western Massachusetts: $500
  • Wichita: Up To $600



  • York – Gettysberg: $500

Up to $1,000 guaranteed earnings for new drivers!

Bonus varies by city and are subject to Uber’s official referral terms.

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